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Meet Our Team

The Child First Advocacy Center Team

Wendy Loomis, Executive Director, Email Wendy!

Amber Dumas, Associate Director, Email Amber!

Laurie Bland, Social Worker, Department of Children and Family Services, Email Laurie!

Detective Steven Gelder, Vermont State Police Department, Email Steven!

Detective Ed Dumas, Chief, Rutland Town Police Department, Email Ed!

Detective Ryan Ashe, Rutland City Police Department, Email Ryan!

Board of Directors:

Dean Mooney PhD., NCSP, (President), Maple Leaf Clinic

Deb Hathaway (Vice-President), Rutland City Public Schools

Marty Zipf (Treasurer), Retired Rutland City Schools

Coral Stone (Secretary), Mill River Union School District

Stacy Oxley RN,  Rutland Regional Medical Center

Tammy Heffernan, Community Member

Rose Kennedy, State’s Attorney, Rutland County State’s Attorney’s Office

Michelle West, Department of Children and Families

Lieutenant Christopher Barber, Vermont State Police

Sergeant Charles Whitehead, Rutland City Police Department